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EAV Level II Online Training with Weekly Live Zoom Mentoring

Welcome to Level II EAV online learning.   Please note that this is a 16 hour online course with weekly live mentoring via Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 7pm ET.   It is not mandatory to attend the mentoring sessions they are offered as a bonus to answer questions in real time that you may have.  These live sessions will not be recorded.  If you purchase this class you will have 90 days to watch, rewatch and pass your final test for certification.  After 90 days if you do not finish and want access to finish you will need to repurchase the class.  This allows generous time to access and finish the lectures to integrate into your own EAV practice.  Requirements: *You should have access to an EAV machine that emits 1.5 volts.  Note: not all equipment is built the same but this training is created to support machines that follow Dr. Voll's parameters for EAV testing.  I will be demonstrating and using the VeraDyne SC-5 testing equipment with the Avatar Software.  If you are unsure if your machine meets these requirements please contact me before purchasing class.   *Level I EAV training may have been taught by another practitioner and may differ from what I teach.  I teach based on Dr. Voll's parameters for EAV testing which include using cotton gloves while testing, using hand-to-hand for pretesting, using filters either on the plate or from the software, and considering a baseline test = the measurement of Control Measurement Points - CMP.  There will be a brief introduction/reminder in the first session.   Disclaimer: Remember EAV testing is considered an energetic assessment of energetic meridians of the body and does not equal a medical diagnosis is the United States.  

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