Fall Class Offerings

On my walk today I saw the squirrels running and chattering as they collected acorns.  Busy, busy, busy!  

Fall is such a great time to hunker down and learn.  Hopefully everyone is ready to get busy and productive because I have two class offerings available this Fall. 

1) By request I have extended the Fall HHP 2023 class to start October 15th, 2023.  So, if you've procrastinated but wanted to take the Holistic Health Practitioner certification class - this is the LAST class of 2023.  I will be back in 2024 but I don't have the dates set yet.  

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2) EAV LEVEL II ONLINE class will start October 13th, 2023.  This class is for those who feel comfortable point testing and have completed EAV Level I.  You can learn more about it here:

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Both of these offerings have additional LIVE Zoom mentoring weekly meetings.  Both occur each Wednesday at 12...

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