Welcome Newbies! 

We all had to start somewhere. 

Welcome and hello!  I am Sandra Stewart and I am excited to introduce you to Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll - EAV.

First, let's make sure you are in the right place.  Are you currently a health practitioner or studying to be one?  If so, then continue on.  

If not, I am so sorry but you are in the wrong place. This is a training and resource site for health practitioners who would like to integrate Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll - EAV in their practice.  Please unsubscribe below, as this information will not be valuable to you.  If you were trying to make an appointment with Sandra Stewart for a personal consultation please go to www.Life-Thyme.com

For practitioners: 

As a newbie you may have many questions. I will address the most common.

 What is EAV?  As written above, EAV stands for Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll.  Originally created and practice in Germany, EAV has come to the United States with mixed results.  The first machines were analog and since then we have come a long way with technology and computers.  We've also seen a dilution of information in the field with several manufacturers stating they were selling EAV/EDS or energetic scanning machines that were nothing more than simple computer random number generators.  To me, this has caused both a mistrust in the true technology and confusion in the alternative medicine field.  

The www.eavmaster.com website is created to help you, as a practitioner, learn how to purchase a machine using true EAV technology, how to create consistent and reproducible readings, and to offer support and resources for those who are EAV professional practitioners. 

First, a little history - Dr. Reinhold Voll was both a pathologist and a master dowser.   To dowse for health is called, Radiesthesia.  Not everyone can do it because it relies, (like muscle testing), on the tester's own energy system. Dr. Voll was very accurate with his dowsing results.  When he tried to teach other doctors how to dowse he found some were simply not capable.  

EAV was a way to bypass the dowser's energy system by using a point probe to put a small electrical current on a particular skin point and get a conductivity reading.  

We call these skin points: specific meridian points (SMP), control meridian points (CMP) and meridian points (MP).  They are the points Dr. Voll mapped to the energetic meridian points based on acupuncture (hence the name electro-acupuncture).  These points are correlated to energetic tissue systems and glands. 

How does it work? The client holds a brass hand-mass and you, the practitioner, use the point probe to check how conductive the client's point is.  When the point probe is on a meridian point and is correctly tested, you can discover how conductive the skin is and record which points are in energetic balance, energetic inflammation (high conductivity) or have energetic blockages (low conductivity).  The computer readings are on a 1-100 scale with 45-55 considered good conductivity. This is the basis of EAV assessments.  

Why do EAV assessments?  Why would you want to know a patient's energetic meridian readings?  

  1. If you can learn to create consistent reproducible assessments you can gauge where the client is (create a baseline)
  2. Challenge the energy systems with supplements and/or modalities (energetic balance)
  3. Monitor how those supplements and/or modalities effected the energetic tissue systems in follow-up appointments (measure results).  

Have you ever had a patient come into your health office with a sinus infection and when you recommended your favorite sinus protocol they just didn't get better?  Many times patients are concerned with symptoms and symptoms don't always allow us to find causative factors to their health issues.  This is where an energetic meridian assessment can be so beneficial.  It helps you to determine which energy systems need the most help based off of energetic conductivity readings, not just symptoms.   

Please note that EAV equipment is not meant to diagnose nor used to prescribe medications.  

If you  are interested in purchasing EAV equipment please email [email protected] with your request and contact information.  I will email you the price list and we can set up a 30 min demonstration call to answer your questions.  

If you are a practitioner who does not have time to integrate EAV into your office, please note that I am a Certified Traditional Naturopath and Holistic Health Practitioner who has been using this technology for over 20 years (including at Clifton Springs Hospital, NY). I can offer your patients a referral code specific to your practice to receive $50 off of consultation services.  They can share their EAV readings and energetic balance recommendations with you directly. Simply email me at [email protected] with any questions. 

Whatever your interest is in EAV, I wish  you and your practice the very best!

Yours in health,

Sandra Stewart, National EAV Instructor and EAV Sales